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  2. peyton sawyer meme: five outfits [2/5]

    ↳ 3x04/3x09 Angel of Death costume

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  3. hogwarts + scenery
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  4. When will my life b e g i n

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  5. I’m not the kind of person to just sit back and lose something I worked hard on, so, naturally, I’ve taken steps to be further involved in a process when most actors aren’t.”
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  6. another meme I won’t finish ● [2/20] male characters » Jamie Fraser
    "You’re not to judge things you don’t understand."
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  7. Does it have to be with her?

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  8. ‘I Must Have Lost It on the Wind’ (11x01).

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  9. AU MEME || S3 ROLE REVERSAL: Klaus is the doppelgänger (Elena), Katherine is the hybrid (Klaus), Caroline is the rippah (Stefan). 03x05.

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